7th Semester

INS Material unit Wise:

Unit Download
Unit-1 new new
Unit-2 new new
Unit-3 new new

INS Question Bank new
Click Here to Download

INS Practicals new
Click Here to Download Cover Page
Click Here to Download Certificate
Click Here to Download Index
Click Here to Download Practicals

Information and Network Security eBook: new
Cryptography and Network Security 6th Edition By: William Stallings

Dear Students,

I have shared some of the important document’s within which all the Charts soft copy, Report format for 7th and 8th Semester and GTU Guideline year 2015 – 2016. That will help you all to understand the project format for year 2015 – 2016.

Click Here to collect all the IMP Documentation.

Midsem Syllabus 2014
7th C.E./I.T. Mid Sem Syllabus


DWDM Assignment – 2 

DWDM  Unit-1 PPT Slides

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