4th Semester


Click Here for COA Syllabus      (Revised Syllabus w.e.f. AY 2018-19)

DBMS Material unit Wise:

Unit Name Download
5 Central Processing Unitnew new
6 Pipeline And Vector Processingnew new
8 Input-Output Organizationnew new
9 Memory Organizationnew new
10 Multiprocessorsnew new


Dear students

I am attaching the Question bank for Computer Network that you have to submit at the time of submission in full-size Book. In this Question bank, all the Most IMP question from GTU has been list out this will be useful to clear this subject without any fail. Plz, prepare this question bank for exam purposes. Which question is asked in which year is also list out.
Download Question Bank

Dear Students

I am attaching the CN Assignment Distribution Sheet. Do write the Question Answer you have been assign. If anybody is having any issue regarding it do contact me on my WhatsUp.
Download CN Distribution Sheet

Dear Students

I am attaching CN Active Learning Topic Distribution Sheet plz follow the sheet and submit ppt within the given deadline.
Download Active Learning CN


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